Monday, November 12, 2007

Tell Me You Love Me: Alright Already I DO

I've been watching the finale of Tell Me You Love Me. I'm crying like a baby, and realizing that I needed to circle back and say that my original misgivings about this show--that there was too much artificial sex, that the emotions and the therapy seemed forced--have been ameliorated.

The arc of this show was somewhat brilliant. In the beginning we saw a lot of nudity, a lot of sex. But by the end the rawness was not the flesh, it was the intimacy. While it might be that the three couples' (four if you count May Foster's) storylines did seem to be resolved too conveniently, the show delivered much needed emotional resolution.

I was routing for Katie and Dave, and knew that they would end up having explosive sex, but what I didn't predict was that they would have to grow far apart in order to come back together again, and when they did it would be powerfully, but tentatively, a scene of mutual masturbation that is entirely unique as far as I know.

And I love how Palek left Carolyn to be true to himself and his fear of being a father and screwing up like his Dad did. Plus I loathed Carolyn and liked Palek, and I didn't want them together, but when she miscarried and he comforted her only, finally, by admitting his own need, well it was honest and delicate.

May Foster says something really profound: "Sometimes therapists can shine the light on the dark moments. Our hope is that the light is not so glaring that you want to go back to the dark. . . " The show was brilliant at showing the particular alchemy of the therapist: how their own suffering illuminates others'.


Saurabh Kumar said...

Mark's comments so closely echoed our view on the series....we started with the same view of almost 'soft porn' ....but the quality of acting and direction took it up a notch with every episode and the couples were almost real by the end of the season.......and you could feel their emotions

Anonymous said...

I agree, although I think Jamie and Hugo are in for a crash.

I thought Palek was an ass.