Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Silversun Pickups

it's everything that is connected and beautiful
and now i know just where i stand

I discovered this band on my own, meaning some hipster friend did not recommend them, so I have an odd sort of loyalty to them, bourne of some fidelity I have to serendipity. I love finding things, and sometimes the thrill of finding the thing transcends the quality of the thing.

But that's not the case with this band. What's surprising about Silversun Pickups and my general adoration of them is that they are not typically what I like at all. My musical taste is wide when it comes to pop, narrow when it comes to rock, and only deep when it comes to folk, jazz, or musical theater. So in the narrow rock category, I dislike most anything with a lot of guitars, anything loud and dissonant.

But Silversun Pickups are just that: loud, lots of guitars, dissonant, but underneath it all, there's a sweet emo core. Almost every song descends into chaos at some point, but if you listen you can hear a sweet bass melody and persistent rhythm, just waiting for the vocalist and lead guitar and god knows what else to calm the fuck down. And even when the vocals are a crazy quilt, you can make out the lyrics, which are good and poetic.

This diving-deep-then-surfacing quality is psychologically, even spiritually satisfying. I can't get enough.

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